Monday, June 1, 2009


Just some sketches I thought were cool.


These are all sketches and concepts for my tournament short. It's called El Salvador and its about a Luchador that frees his village from alien oppression and then fights the emperor in an tournament to free Earth (Mortal Kombat?).

The luchadore pointing his finger was the feel I was looking for in El Salvador. I didnt want a pretty boy but I didn't want want a goon either.

Life Drawings

Lord of the Flies meets Road Warrior

The Skeleton cowboy I had posted before related to these drawings. This is the personal project I'm working on right now. Post-apocolyptic setting, three kids are trying to make it back home from their food scavenging in their pick up. Unfortunately, another kind of patrol is in the same area, a group of wild children in a torn up jeep (mutant cow skulls strapped to it, anything for intimidation factor) come to collect the pick ups' cargo by force.

Hallow Eyes

I mentioned a short film called Hallow Eyes in a previous post. This is the main character, Hallow Eyes and two of the opening layouts (plus an old layout I had drawn of a dwarf statue). To sum it up, Hallow Eyes (a blind dwarf) is looking for his brother and his brother's companions. The trail of his brother leads him to a temple deep in the underdark, where a Gorgon resides. The coloured Dwarf up top was the first pass at Hallow Eyes before I even decided he was going to be blind. The black and white drawing below it is the final design.

Big guys sitting

I love Conan. The more I look at the bottom drawing now, the more I see Nathan Explosion.

Shaolin Theme

I drew these at different times, but I remember drawing the top monk while watching "The 36th chamber of Shaolin". The bottom monk (the cartoonie one) was a concept for one of the fighters I was going to have in another short film idea. The idea changed from a world tournament (like street fighter) into an intergalactic tournament. The monk was adapted into a monkey with telekinetic powers. I'll post him above.

While I'm on the Gorgon theme, here are some concept drawings I did for one of my short film ideas called, Hallow Eyes. I had a lot in influence from Mike Mignola, the Mouth of Sauron and Beholders. I settled on the hooded mouth look. She could see through the eyes of her snakes, so she only needed her main, central eye when she was going to turn you to stone.


I was looking through my old 3.5 Monster Manual and for some reason the Medusa caught my eye. I decided to draw up my version of her.
Nothing more bad ass than a dead guy playing guitar. A lot of influence for the guitar came from the south american "Day of the Dead".