Monday, June 1, 2009


Just some sketches I thought were cool.


These are all sketches and concepts for my tournament short. It's called El Salvador and its about a Luchador that frees his village from alien oppression and then fights the emperor in an tournament to free Earth (Mortal Kombat?).

The luchadore pointing his finger was the feel I was looking for in El Salvador. I didnt want a pretty boy but I didn't want want a goon either.

Life Drawings

Lord of the Flies meets Road Warrior

The Skeleton cowboy I had posted before related to these drawings. This is the personal project I'm working on right now. Post-apocolyptic setting, three kids are trying to make it back home from their food scavenging in their pick up. Unfortunately, another kind of patrol is in the same area, a group of wild children in a torn up jeep (mutant cow skulls strapped to it, anything for intimidation factor) come to collect the pick ups' cargo by force.

Hallow Eyes

I mentioned a short film called Hallow Eyes in a previous post. This is the main character, Hallow Eyes and two of the opening layouts (plus an old layout I had drawn of a dwarf statue). To sum it up, Hallow Eyes (a blind dwarf) is looking for his brother and his brother's companions. The trail of his brother leads him to a temple deep in the underdark, where a Gorgon resides. The coloured Dwarf up top was the first pass at Hallow Eyes before I even decided he was going to be blind. The black and white drawing below it is the final design.

Big guys sitting

I love Conan. The more I look at the bottom drawing now, the more I see Nathan Explosion.

Shaolin Theme

I drew these at different times, but I remember drawing the top monk while watching "The 36th chamber of Shaolin". The bottom monk (the cartoonie one) was a concept for one of the fighters I was going to have in another short film idea. The idea changed from a world tournament (like street fighter) into an intergalactic tournament. The monk was adapted into a monkey with telekinetic powers. I'll post him above.